Mr. Michael Madd.

“Create a memorable experience and they will never forget you, That’s why legends never die.”

There’s nothing Mr. Madd does without passion and detail. His natural energy levels have been compared to the likes of the energizer bunny on a can of Red Bull. Michael has always able to create the biggest and best or be involved with such.

From the best brands, the biggest celebs, to the most memorable events, he has always done it the “Michael Madd Way” with his own unique twist and there’s never a dull moment. Mr. Madd has always been able to walk into a room, see what’s missing and come up with a creative spin on how to turn up the heat and the volume both at the same time. With no shortage of vision & ideas and his positive energy, paired with a Rolodex you would expect from a team of MTV executives, “Make it happen Mike” is not just a childhood nickname for this creative captain, it’s a reality.

Mission Statement.

Manageable Brands is committed to increasing value, presence, and revenue streams within our circles.

Excellence is not just an adjective, it’s a way of life.
Everything we do is with love and passion for the little details. The details most people overlook.
At Manageable brands we don’t just work with clients, we partner with them and become apart of their overall success on many levels.

When you are on a team, everyone has a role and when the team wins, everyone gets a ring…

man·age·a·ble /ˈmanijəb(ə)l/ adjective

  1. able to be managed, controlled, or accomplished without great difficulty.